FM on the Web


Here's the old classic DOS based FM in a new look! But on the same context and similar concept. Menus and Submenus are same as in old FM and functionalities are exact replica of the old. This will provide you more seamless performance in a modern State-of-the-Art style online even from your home.

<-- Monthly Accounts Entry for Apr-2023 onwards [FY: 2023-2024] will be available from 03-05-2023 Morning -->                                                                             

How to use it

It helps the User to perform on-line compilation of Monthly Accounts, Revenue & Expenditure and several other Functions as envisaged in the DOS based FM.

Aranya Bhaban

Like the old FM, Users will feel very comfortable to work on it. Moreover, all data are kept in cloud and it is integrated to Directorate Headquarters eliminating the need of manual submission of Monthly Reports. Best view with Mozilla FireFox. Set Zoom=100%, Font-Size=14.

About Us

The portal is expected to provide full support to the existing old classic FM users. This has been designed and developed in-house at Directorate of Forests, West Bengal Headquarters under the supervision and maintenance of MIS Cell of the Office of the PCCF(HoFF)/WB.

MIS Cell:

Directorate of Forests, Government of West Bengal, Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force), West Bengal.